Term 3

We have enjoyed another fantastic term in Reception at Brunel Field exploring our enquiry question: "How do you look after animals?" Our friends have brought in their pets to help us learn with first hand experience and we have been busy in our "vets".



We enjoyed a visit from a police officer and he helped us find Elli who had gone missing! He helped us look for clues and was very impressed by our missing person posters and even had lunch with us.

We met Changing Chameleon who helps us to change how we are learning to achieve our goal and did lots of planning with Plan Ahead Owl to try new things and really improve our learning.

We loved learning The Three Billy Goats Gruff story and were so involved in acting it out in our play.

We thought it was a good story but we made it even better by changing what was under the bridge instead of a troll. We made amazing models and drawings of our ideas and wrote about them using describing words. Our ideas included a happy fairy a rainbow monkey and a super cat spy.

We really enjoyed inviting our grown ups in to celebrate our learning this term. We explored the Billy Goats Gruff story with them and shared our learning diaries together. 

Term 2

Reception have had a fantastic Term 2 and have really settled into becoming an important part of our school community. We launched our enquiry "What is a Celebration?" with a bang, learning about fireworks and Bonfire Night, and we were very brave holding sparklers.







We also had lots of spooky pictures of how families celebrate Halloween. We have shared family celebrations for St Nicholas Day and Hanukkah too. We were amazing in our performance of "A Little Nativity" and really impressed everyone with our singing and storytelling!









Plan Ahead Owl joined us at the beginning of term and helped us to plan how to get Stick-at-it-tortoise to Brunel Field. We all worked together and stuck at it to make a terrific trail to help him find the way!

We are ready for a well earned break this Christmas, and our teachers are really looking forward to more wonderful learning in the New Year. 

Term 1

We are so proud of the children who have joined Brunel Field this year! What amazing Butterfly Fish and Barracudas they are. We are amazed at how they have settled in, and how they are making lots of new friends! We were so lucky the weather was kind and we really enjoyed lots of outside play.

Our Enquiry has been "What is a Family?" and we have shared all about our own families as well as getting to know our Year 5 buddies from 5S and 5B, and our wider new "school family". We have also been sharing how families celebrate Diwali and have been very lucky that parents have come in to share their experiences with us.





To help us practise the skills of "Learning with Others" Toucan and Elli arrived from the jungle, we had to rescue Elli from her hot air balloon stuck in a tree! We worked together to solve the problem. They like it so much with us at school they have decided to stay, and are helping us to practice important learning skills.






We have been finding out with them all about being at school and have met our friend Teamwork Bee too when he arrived by "beemail"! We are so good at helping each other and learning with our friends.





We have enjoyed learning our Rhymes of the Week and are amazing at linking what we know and exploring our Number of the Week. Our teachers can't believe how great we are at our sounds, and how fantastically we have become important members of Brunel Field.