What is the PSA, you may ask?

It is the Parent/Staff Association and it exists to support the school that your children attend.  In our case it is across two sites

Ashley Down and Brunel Field Primary Schools.  That is somewhere around 750 children and several hundred adults.

The PSA is a voluntary organisation that can only exist if people step forward and help in the running of events.  There is a committee that engages in planning and coordinating activities and beyond that, a network of supportive parents and teachers. 

This work helps the PSA raise thousands of pounds every year to fund activities ranging from Theatre trips to Music projects (inc. Ukuleles!) through to simple waterproofing kit for outdoor play.

Take a peek at the website for a taste of some of the events we are hoping to stage this year. http://www.ashleydownpsa.org.uk/

With a bit of luck we can have some fun whilst continuing to raise funds to help us enrich the lives of our children.