Year 1

Term 5

What lives in a garden?

Term 5 was an extremely busy term for year 1! We had lots of fun observing the changes in our tadpoles and caterpillars. Once our caterpillars had changed into butterflies, we released them into the playground. They were a bit sleepy at first, but once they had warmed their wings in the beautiful sunshine, they were away!

Year 1 loved our observation table where we have observed what happens in mini investigations. We are awaiting a visit from Bristol in Bloom to look at our wonderful growing. The sweet peas and peas are very vigorous.

As we observed the changes in our tadpoles and caterpillars, we read the story ‘Tadpole’s Promise.’ The children loved learning the story off by heart and enjoyed performing and practising in class using our story map. The children’s own versions of Tadpole’s Promise were wonderful! They were all beautifully written using lots of description.

In PE, we have been practising our ball skills with Bristol Plays Sport. During our two sports activity days at the end of term 5, the children were far more confident throwing, catching and moving with a ball during our team games such as football and cricket.

We look forward to another exciting summer term ahead!

Term 4

Van Gogh was our inspiration for the art project this term. The children learnt about primary and secondary colours and explored colour mixing . They looked at shades of blue and used all these skills to create their own starry night painting. In computing, the children practised their mouse skills when using Paint to compose. The children proudly showcased their art folders to their parents.



Term 3

Wow look at our puppets!

The children really enjoyed designing and sewing puppets. They were linked to the Chinese Cinderella story of Yeh Hsien. The children invented their own magic characters and used these when composing their own story writing.