Year 1

Term 5

Term 5 was an extremely busy term for year 1! we had lots of fun observing the changes in our tadpoles and caterpillars. Once our caterpillars had changed into butterflies, we released them into the playground. They were a bit sleepy at first, but once they had warmed their wings in the beautiful sunshine, they were away!

Year 1 loved planting and growing flowers, fruit and vegetables indoors and outdoors this term. Our peas, that you can find growing in the tyre in our learning lake, have been particularly successful! Our strawberry and tomato plants are coming along nicely.

As we observed the changes in our tadpoles and caterpillars, we read the story "Tadpole's Promise". The children loved learning the story off by heart and enjoyed performing and practising in class using our story map. The children's own versions of Tadpole's Promise were wonderful! We had Tiger's Promise, Chameleon's Promise, even Killer Whale's Promise! They were all beautifully written using lots of description.

In P.E., we have been practising our ball skills with Bristol Plays Sport. During our two sports days at the end of term 5, the children were far more confident throwing, catching and moving with a ball during our team games such as football and cricket.

As the weather has improved, we have been using our outdoor learning space more and more. The children have thoroughly enjoyed observing changes in their growing plants , looking at wholes, halves and quarters in the water tray and building 3D shapes in the sand.

We look forward to another exciting summer term ahead! 

Term 4

We had a fantastic Term 4 in Year 1 being artists! The children learnt all about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and created a series of artworks inspired by the artist. Children practised mixing primary and secondary colours, tried out different pencil techniques and even created their own Starry Night image on paint. The artwork that children showcased at the end of the term was fantastic, thank you to all the parents that came to our gallery morning, the children were so proud and excited to show you what they had been creating all term!

In Term 4, our puzzle piece was ‘Knowing me, Knowing you.’ Every day, we talked about the coloured day we were having and how we felt. We thought of ways to be a great friend and help people who were perhaps having a blue, black or grey day. We also thought of lots of coping strategies that might help us to deal with things that might go wrong for us. We spent time being ‘Pigs of Happiness’ and spreading our love and happiness to everyone we met to help make their day!

We received a letter from Tim Peake at the start of the term which we were very excited about! He set us a tricky challenge, to think of ways to catch a star. We used the story ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers to inspire us. The children in year 1 were Creative Unicorns and came up with some fabulous ideas such as creating a human tower, climbing up a giraffe’s neck or bouncing on a super trampoline! Year 1 loved writing their own versions of how to catch a star, some of these are now on our year 1 display for the rest of the school to see.

In Maths, children looked at lots of different ways of representing numbers to 50. We practised ordering 3 or 4, two-digit numbers. We spent lots of time measuring in centimetres and metres, we even measured everyone in our class.

Thank you to all those who attended the family learning conferences this term, they were such a fantastic opportunity for your children to shine and celebrate all of the learning they have done in year 1 as well as set targets for the rest of the year.


Term 3

Year 1 have had a wonderfully creative term. We have been reading and writing Cinderella stories. We have even read different versions of the Cinderella story from China, the Caribbean and Egypt! Our handwriting and spellings are really starting to improve with all the hard work we have put in.

At the start of Term 3, our learn along helped us to think about how we might become even better learners. We now have the skills we need to identify things we have done well at, how we have been successful when learning to do something new and can identify new things we want to learn to do and how we're going to do it.

In maths this term, we have enjoyed recording ordinal numbers when racing against each other in the playground, recording teen numbers as 10 and a bit, adding 10 to a one digit number and using our related facts to work out 13 + 1 using 3 + 1 for example.

We had lots of fun on our Welly Walk looking for signs of winter. We recorded what we saw, heard, smelt and touched in our small groups. We saw trees without leaves, the early signs of daffodils, frost on the ground and birds flying to their nests.

We thoroughly enjoyed making our finger and hand puppets this term. We have really mastered sewing and have used our puppets to retell the Chinese version of Cinderella.