Year 2

Term 5

The wonderful world of creatures big and small.

We started with pond dipping and we have continued all term exploring habitats and the things that live in them. Inspired by the creatures found in the Brunel Field pond the children wrote "What am I?" riddles as we as classified them as vertebrates or invertebrates.

I start as a tiny egg that is laid on a leaf.

When I hatch I eat the leaf I am born on.

How scared I am!

I get eaten by birds and frogs because they like how I taste.

Now let's hear how I move.

I squirm and wriggle when I walk. I look fat and hairy.

What do you think I am?"

By Ruby, Year 2







We finished the term with some acrostic poems about our favourite animals.


Jumping very high,

A camouflaged creature,

Good at hunting,

Under trees it is eating,

A vicious animal

Running very fast.



Happy hamster

Amazing at doing the monkey bars,

Master at eating food

Scattering food around the place.

Talented at sleeping

Excited when getting more food.

Rested when sleeping. 














Term 3

Marvellous Mechanism!

We have had an amazing term being inspired by the creative alterations Mrs Armitage made to her vehicles in the books written by Quentin Blake. In order to create a vehicle of our own we have been exploring different mechanisms including hinges, pulleys and axles.


Having worked out how to make axles for roller boots we got creative and designed our own cars. These were a great success and we were able to write detailed instructions about how they were made.


We finished the enquiry with pen and ink drawings in the style of Quentin Blake.