Year 3

Term 5

This term we have been exploring a magical island in the middle of the ocean. The land of Neverbelieve is full of amazing creatures and wonderful plants. We looked at the different habitats on the Island and thought about what habitats are and how animals have adapted to live successfully in them. We have also enjoyed learning about the life cycle of plants and the seven life processes. We even did some scientific experiments to find out which part of a plant is the most important. In Art, the children have worked extremely hard on their artistic techniques for sketching, shading and texture and have transferred these skills in their still life drawings. For our final project the children drew insects or plants and then used watercolours to bring them to life.





















The children have been learning about the features of a Non-Chronological Report and worked hard to describe bees for our class write. The children created their own imaginary animal which could live on the Land of Neverbelieve and wrote a Non-Chronological Report about it. We then used the laptops to type our reports to make them very scientific and official!












This term in maths we have been learning about multiplication and division and working hard to understand the links between the operations. Following this, the children learned about fractions. Children have persevered very well through this tricky topic. We have also been working hard on our times tables.

We are excited about our trip to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre where we will have some real life experiences of the things we have been learning this term. The children will enjoy a workshop about Wetland habitats and have some fun in the centre at the same time!

Term 4

This term we have continued with our enquiry project about India. We have been learning about Indian Dance and the ancient art of shadow puppetry. The children enjoyed creating their own puppets and performing the story of "Rama and Sita". They also composed their own songs, using Indian instruments such as the table, which were performed to parents.

Children have enjoyed doing some Rangoli art and have taken part in "India Day" where they experienced cooking and preparing Indian dishes, did Rangoli art in the playground and completed a design for a henna tattoo.



































The children have written their own Indian tale this term which had to include a moral. They also used techniques to excite the reader such as suspense. The children published their own books and designed and illustrated their front covers.

This term in maths we have been learning about shape and the properties of different shapes. We also learned new vocabulary such as perpendicular, parallel and perimeter. The children thoroughly learning about tessellation and created beautiful patterns using different shapes.

We visited the Hindu Temple in Bristol which was very informative and an exciting experience for the children. They learned about the importance of offering fruit to the Gods and the children were able to ask lots of interesting questions. 


Term 3

This term we have enjoyed learning all about India. We have been learning about the location of India and about the climate in different parts of the country. We have also been learning about Hinduism and are looking forward to our school trip to the Hindu Temple where we can see some of the things we have been learning about.

We found out about produce which is grown or created in India and how these products are exported around the world and which countries import them. We looked at animals which can be found in India and the children expressed their views about the dangers some animals face and the threat of extinction to some species.

We also enjoyed doing some art using the grid method which focus on the eyes of some of animals we have been thinking about.







We have used our topic of India to influence our text this term which was "The Jungle Book". The children thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters from the book and used their creative skills to write some fantastic character descriptions. They told their readers about the way the characters looked, moved and felt to paint a fantastic picture in the mind of the reader. The children also drew their characters to make a character profile and recorded their descriptions in an audio book.

This term in maths we have been learning about subtraction and find the difference. The children have acquired a variety of strategies to help them solve maths sentences and word problems.

Next term we are carrying on with our India project and will incorporate art, dance and DT in to this exciting project. We are also visiting the Hindu Temple.