Year 6

Term 5

Can we travel the UK in six weeks?

Term 5 has been a whirlwind for the Year 6 children. They have been delving into some UK Geography and developing their research skills through investigating about a specific town/city from the UK. It all kicked off with a whistle-stop tour of the UK where the children tried some porridge, shortbread and Bara Brith! It’s been a busy term and that’s not to mention the incredible hard work that they all put into preparing for their Key Stage 2 SATs!

In English they have written some wonderfully constructed, tense story openers about a mysterious door. In preparation for this piece of writing the children had the challenge to ‘START WITH ART’ – this meant that they could explore their ideas through painting an image of their imagined door prior to writing. We also created soundscapes to generate a bank of vocabulary and create tension. The ideas they shared were extraordinary, and this immersion through Art and Drama has enabled them to develop their ideas physically before beginning to put them onto paper.

Maths has also continued after SATs. Many children expressed an interest at the start of the year to do some architectural drawing, so in groups they had the challenge to create some scaled drawings and accurate models of some given landmarks from across the UK. Their attention to detail was excellent and the models have surpassed those of previous years! Through this process the children had an opportunity to develop their woodworking and DT skills by using saws, craft knives and glue guns to construct their models.

Come by our classrooms on the Celebration Evening to see their model masterpieces and incredible writing for yourself!






















Term 4

Year 6's Thrilling Term Four!

Year 6 have been exploring the many looks and moves of Michael Jackson through art and dancing. Through studying the intriguing paintings of the American artist, Chuck Close, the children have put their resilience to the test by recreating pencil portraits of the singer with the complex cell method used by Chuck. They have also been choreographing an ensemble piece of MJ inspired dancing to share. They make pretty terrifying zombies!

The children have also been writing exciting portal stories that take the reader to a wealth of bizarre and sublime destinations. Additionally, they have been brushing up on all of their amazing maths, grammar and reading skills in preparation for the big Term 5!