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Ashley Down Primary School

Attendance and Illness 

Children are expected to attend school every day unless they are too ill to do so. If your child is unwell then please let the school know by using this absence reporting form.

Our morning register is taken at 8.55am and will be kept open until 9.05am. Our afternoon register is taken at 1.00pm and will be kept open until 1.10pm. A pupil who arrives late but before the register has closed will be marked as late (L) - which counts as present. A pupil who arrives after the register has closed will be marked as absent. If the pupil is arriving late due to a valid reason such as an unavoidable medical appointment, the absence will be authorised. If the pupil is late for no good reason they will be marked with the unauthorised absence code 'Late after registers close' (U).

The start of the morning is an important time for your child to feel grounded and set themselves up for a successful day. We start learning groups as soon as the doors open and if children are late it impacts their provision. When children are late or have higher rates of absence they can feel less connected with the class. We want every child to feel that they belong.

One day of absence can impact learning beyond this day as the sequence of learning builds on prior knowledge.

This form can also be used for requesting leave in exceptional circumstances. Holidays cannot be authorised during term time.