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Brunel Field Primary Welcome!

Welcome - Headteacher - Mr Collins 


I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Brunel Field Primary School. Alongside Ashley Down Primary School we are part of Ashley Down Schools Federation.

At Brunel Field we want our children to be happy, confident, articulate and empowered to participate successfully at an academic, social and emotional level in a rapidly changing world. We provide a positive, stimulating and caring learning environment where every individual is valued and respected and where every child matters. Core Learning Skills lie at the heart of our curriculum and help foster independence and resilience, skills that will be needed as children develop on their learning journey at school and beyond.

All children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and a part of our role is to help them discover and develop these. We want children to be happy in their learning and know that this will ensure that they are reaching their potential and working towards their short term and long term goals. The school values the strong partnership that exists between families and governors and believes that by working together the children at our school experience the best possible start in life. And the best thing of all is that at Brunel Field you are never far away from a welcoming smiling face.

I hope that you enjoy looking at our website.

Don Collins Headteacher

 Welcome - Year 6 Pupils

Our school is great. It’s fun and friendly and you can make loads of friends. There is a huge variety of cultures from all over the world and there are tons of brilliant teachers who are kind and empathetic.

Every term we have an interesting new topic to explore. On the second term every year we learn about a different period of history in which we are given the freedom to create our own independent projects. This is many people’s favourite term where you can pair up with friends and have lots of fun.

We get a wide range of outdoor activities that include visits from local sport pros. They teach us various skills such as basketball and tag rugby. We also have a sports day every year in the cricket ground where we are separated into houses (Severn, Frome, Trym and Avon) to compete against each other in friendly races and games. We also love playing in our numerous outdoor playgrounds at break and lunch.

During the year, we go on exciting school trips including Cadbury World in Year 4 and Arnos Vale in Year 2. In Year 5 and 6 you get the opportunity to go on camp. There are lots of activities to enjoy.

In school you get the choice to get involved in various clubs such as Eco and School councillors. We also get to be involved in many after school clubs with a wide range of activities. We are nearing the end of our time at Brunel Field but we highly recommend it and are sure your child will enjoy it thoroughly.