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Ashley Down Primary School

English Writing 

Writing at Ashley Down Primary School Aims (intent)

At Ashley Down, we believe in the importance of developing all children as enthusiastic and lifelong writers through reading, writing and the spoken word. Where possible, we intend to develop writing as a transferrable skill across subjects taught in the curriculum. In addition to this, we aim to provide an inclusive and rich environment where children are exposed to a range of high-quality texts, genres and learning experiences to become confident and passionate writers. We value creativity and seek to capture the imaginations of the children whilst equipping them with the necessary skills to articulate their ideas in a clear and organised manner.

What it looks like here (implementation)

Our English writing curriculum is embedded across all key stages which allows children to learn progressively and build on prior knowledge. Our carefully selected high quality texts (including fiction, non-fiction and poetry) and experiences expose children to new, rich vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures. The objectives of the National Curriculum are closely followed to ensure that the skills learnt in spelling, punctuation and grammar are embedded and transferred into writing. Lessons are carefully planned around audience and purpose so that skills are taught, embedded, revisited and then developed in a sequential manner. Composition is supported by whole-class, group, and partnered planning and writing, and as children journey through the school, they are encouraged to think like a writer by mastering, editing and improving these skills. This collaborative approach encourages children to access a range of supportive resources to become independent writers.


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